A forty year experience in air purification and filtration sector is the most important reference of AIR ECOSYSTEM Srl.
Air Ecosystem Srl can intervene in any industrial sector where air purification is needed and where a fluid or a gas can be or must be treated for ecological purposes in order to ensure environment preservation and sustainability.

Plants made by Air Ecosystem Srl are designed and tested directly by the company. Moreover, our team of technicians and the equipment at their disposal can examine and solve problems with customized solutions offering both the most progressed technology and low costs, since they provide turnkey equipment and plants.

Each presented project is first studied by the technical and commercial department which identifies, on the basis of client’s specific needs, both its features and its problems and gives a first draft of the project. The direct and continuous relationship with the customer leads to the drafting of the basic project. Once it is approved, it is entrusted to the technical department.
Among the main aims of the final project realization, there are workplace quality and safety.

The production covers a wide range of applications to air ecology and offers a series of solutions in the following areas:
  • Cement and ceramics industries
  • Steelworks
  • Cast iron, stainless steel and non ferrous foundry
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical industry
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Waste incineration
  • Energy Production from renewable Biomasses
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Public transport companies

The sectors of incineration of waste and energy production from renewable biomass are becoming increasingly interesting. The continuous development of technology and know-how makes Air Ecosystem Srl one of most qualified and active in these sectors both in Italy and abroad.
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