Gli impianti ad umido vengono impiegati per la depolverazione di fumi, per la depurazione di gas contenenti sostanze organiche ed inorganiche volatili e per la deodorizzazione di gas maleodoranti.
L’assorbimento chimico / fisico delle S.O.V. e S.I.V. è utilizzabile principalmente per tutte quelle sostanze che siano solubili in acqua o soluzione acquosa di opportuni reagenti chimici.
The scrubbers are used for smoke dedusting, for the purification of gases containing organic and inorganic volatile substances and the deodorization of foul-smelling gases.
V.O.C. and V.I.C. chemical/physical absorption can be mainly used for all substances that are soluble in water or aqueous solutions of adequate chimical reagents.
The choice of the reagent or the type of equipment depends on the chemical composition of the compound to be absorbed and its solubility.
“Hydrocol” scrubber is a scrubber with floating or static packing elements which allow to wash gases with suitable solutions for their neutralization, also if there are fine solid particles avoiding the danger of long lasting encrustations or “clogging” which would reduce scrubber efficiency.

The Venturi VGV scrubber is a versatile device, since it can be used in any heavy condition. It is usually used, though, in hot gas dedusting.


  • Steel works
  • Cast iron, stainless steel, non ferrous Foundry
  • Chemical industry
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Waste incineration
  • Fuel From Waste manufacturing plants
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical industry