Activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filter can be used in the deodorization and the removal of volatile chimical compounds from specific processing air fluxes.

It is composed of a central body, containing the absorbent material, with a distributor for the gas input in order to minimize preferential pathways. Air goes at low speed through the carbon bed, which retain pollutants through absorption. Upstream the filter there are a series of inserted prefilters for dedusting which diminish the absorption efficiency. Prefilters are made of pleated mattresses to increase the contact surface.

The degree of clogging, which determins the necessity to substitute carbon, can be detected by a Dp meter or a load cell. A monte del filtro vengono inseriti una serie di prefiltri per l’abbattimento delle polveri le quali diminuiscono l’efficienza di adsorbimento. I prefiltri sono costituiti da materassini pieghettati per aumentare la superficie di contatto.